Material Connections is a nomadic curatorial research project, investigating material centered, collaboration and learning. Established in London in 2019 by Abbie Adams; whose practice employs design thinking, to reorient behaviours towards reciprocal, cyclical futures. The project integrates an interdisciplinary network to understand planetary entanglement through the boundary intersections of craft, design, art and sciences. 
Material is both ancient and contemporary; material is our ancestor. Material is finite. It can be used to construct and to destroy - sometimes simultaneously. Materials are not passive or inert but they have unique characteristics that must be respected. Matter is all encompassing, it defines time, borders, culture and history. It is both past, present and future. 

Our relationship to materials acts as a mirror to our relationships to the planet. Material Connections looks to dismantle our understandings and reconstruct them with a material centered, collaborative approach. Curating learning experiences where people are encouraged to walk in and follow their own journey, recontextualising topics through materiality, storytelling, sensory immersion and making. 

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